Wonkette's Week in Review: Waging Christmas War, Back In 5 Minutes

* NRA's new comic book is aimed at boosting membership numbers from the Mind of Mencia demographic.

* Governors' Christmas cards spread best wishes for a "Merry War on Christmas" and remind you to thank God you're not part of these families ... doubly so if you'd be in line for an original oil from Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, whose kids still don't have any goddamn iPods.

* At the base of Harry Reid's hatred of Bono is a little jealousy -- of the sunglasses, not the songs.

* We broke the story of Dick Cheney's Bambi-killing rages and documented the shit out of his murderous plan. The veep's only misstep was counting on the DC government to remove the fresh venison slab, or to move at all so close to a federal holiday.

* Hot-for-DC Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth has been taken off the market by a guy from a state known mainly for steers and queers.

* After the 20 hours of tweaking, Tucker Carlson sent us an indecipherable email wherein he voiced rage at our awful dietary and sartorial slandering of him.

* Polls showing voters prefer candidates with creepily toothy grins succeed in luring Mark Warner back in the '08 fold.

* Our top quality advice to Howard Dean has no ulterior motives, none whatsoever.


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