Wonkette's Week in Review: War On Christmas Parties

* This Prickmas, mull the wine, spike the eggnog, and get ready to crash mad parties. Then tell us all about it. Your party options for the weekend rage on!

* This was our favorite party of the week, for many reasons having nothing to do with Capitol File magazine.

* Showing she's in the holiday spirit, Jenna Bush does the twenty-something Presidential daughter's equivalent of "business trips" to Thailand, and finds herself the brokest Argentine frat guy in Buenos Aires.

* First Vice Daughter Mary Cheney, also up to no good, got herself impregnated and is expecting a baby with husband Michael Dukakis.

* An attack on the White House was foiled, as the Secret Service's elite Counter-Muppet Unit contained the situation.

* Goodbye, 109th Congress, we'll forever miss your choking and gay-sexing ways.

* The book may be closed on Mark Foley, but we're sure there are unfinished pages.

* Share the passion, adventure, and penetrating existential dialogue of the Iraq Study Group's report with a friend or loved one this holiday season. Or get the comic-book version for the kids!


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