Did you have a fun weekend? We sure didn't, because Team Wonkette is way up in New Hampshire covering this most precious of our precious freedoms, the New Hampshire Primary Campaign! Wonkette's Jim Newell and Liz Glover have already had so many Democratic and Republican adventures.

* They met Ron Paul! (That's one of Glover's infamous self-Polaroids with Dr. Congressman Paul.)

* They got Ron Paul to apologize for his supporters' weird schemes! (Sort of.)

* They were surrounded by an angry mob of Paultards differently-abled Ron Paul supporters!

* Tom Tancredo did the grossest thing, and we caught it on exclusive Wonkette Video.

* NYT trendspotter David Brooks is too tiny to be photographed, so here's a picture of a moose humping a compact car.

* Rudy Giuliani is hosting a super-fun 9/11 bash.

* The Democrats up here don't seem to like Hillary much, either.

* New Hampshire doesn't have that wireless internet everybody likes to use on their computers.

Lots more N.H. business on the way, so refresh this page constantly every 10 seconds. The primary's tomorrow!


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