Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is Bob Bob Bobbing Along

Weekly Top Ten

Red red robins Tallulah and Donna Rose

Welcome welcome to Wonkette's penultimate Top 10 of the year, as apparently chosen this week by a Robyn of Robyns with a side of Robyn!

10. On Clickbait: When People Tell You They Just Want To Read Headlines, Believe Them. Robyn!

9. Trump And The MAGA Crowd Go Off The Deep End After SCOTUS Refuses To Undo The Election. Robyn!

8. Maria Bartiromo Getting Secret Messages From Someone Who Knows Trump REALLY Won The Election. Robyn!

7. Look, Shiny Normal Thing! Here's Biden's Green Team! Dok ... Zoom you say? Who dat?

6. Big Tough Gym Guy Reenacts 'Love Actually' Scene To Protest COVID Restrictions. Robyn!

5. Charlottesville Police Chief Declares War On Unitarians Over Racial Profiling Complaint. Robyn!

4. Billy Graham's Biggest Mistake Just Grateful Trump Ended Death Penalty For Saying 'Merry Christmas!' Hey look, it's Evan!

3. While We Wait For SCOTUS TO DQ Texas Suit, Let's Check In On Ken Paxton! And Jamie!

2. Trump's Legal Clown Car Runs Out Of Road. And Liz!

1. WSJ Guy Takes Brave Stand Against Dr. Jill Biden Calling Herself Dr. Jill Biden. Hey guess what! It's Robyn!

There you have it! Wonkette's Top 10, as chosen this week by a Robyn of Robyns with a side of Robyn!

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and now that you have done so, if you are able, have some more little birdies, chirp chirp little birdies!

Fuckin right it's sideways and I don't know how to fix it! 

There's no "rotate" function that I can see! 

Violet, you're turning sideways Violet! No, that's not right. 

Yup. Hi again. FROM SIDEWAYS!

Sail on silver girls, sail on goodbye ... no? Not how that goes either? Oh well. 

Okay, one more then:

Mama's bed BEST FRIENDS.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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