Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is Damn Glad It's Over

Weekly Top Ten

How are you, darling ones? You okay? Us too, I think, but it was a hell of a terrible week. Which mostly wasn't reflected in these here top 10 stories; we told the privilege of Karens we'd selected to judge them to beat feet, and gathered a frollick of fairies to choose this week's top 10 instead. And they said: ROBYN STORIES ONLY OR AT LEAST MOSTLY and we said OKAY.

10. Will Trump Move RNC To Georgia If Brian Kemp Gives Him Sexxxy Lapdance? Maaaaybe! Evan says: Could happen.

9. Trump Wants To Force States To Reopen Churches, Put Lives At Risk For Selfish Jerks. And now they've taken out the warnings for "choir" too!

8. Memorial Day 2020: Let The Summer Of COVID-19 Begin! SER is shaking his damn head.

7. Half Of All Fox Viewers Think Bill Gates Wants To Use COVID-19 Vaccine To Implant Microchips In Them. And Robyn is about ready to say fuck it, and just get her grift on with them.

6. Trump's First 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths Are In The Bag, So Like ... Should He Eat Insulin? Yes. Yes he should. Don't try this at home.

5. Court Reminds Conservatives For 9,278,428th Time The First Amendment DOES NOT APPLY To Businesses. Liz would like 9,278,428 words.

4. Wanna Schlaff At Old Dead Phyllis Schlafly After You Watch 'Mrs. America' Tonight? Watch The Schlaftershow! SCHLOL!

3. Wonkette Book Club: Keeping Calm, Carrying On. Look at all you literate bitches hanging out with your best favorite Doktor Zoom.

2. Lupus Patients Can't Get Hydroxychloroquine Now Because Morons Are Buying It All Up. Did Trump eat it?

1. Trump Spends Weekend Golfing, Getting In Touch With His Inner Alex Jones, Calling Women Fat Skanks. That's how he do!

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