Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is Late For Work!

Wonkette's Weekly Top 10 Is Late For Work!

Good morning good morning! We're late we're late! Come on in and see Wonkette's top 10 stories as chosen this week by a troupe of elves and also a unicorn and a dinosaur were there!

10. And A Merry Holly Jolly Good Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Day Also To You! Friday was His Nibs's 80th birthday. How did you celebrate?

9. And Now Here's Michael Cohen With Some Holiday Prophecies About His Former Crime Boss! They were mostly the same prophecies we already knew.

8. Trump Supporters Sure Have Some Messed Up Inauguration Day Plans. This was on a weekend, when I usually don't work so I don't know what those messed up inauguration day plans were!

7. It's All Over At The Trump Campaign But The Airing Of Grievances And Shell Companies. Lots and lots of shell companies.

6. A Very Desperate Trump Reportedly Considering Hiring The Kraken, Releasing The Military. Allllllmost done.

5. Oh Nothing, Just Russia Literally Declaring War On America While Trump Beats Off To OANN. Yeah, and then the next day they stopped giving Joe Biden his Pentagon briefings, weird right?

4. Bill Barr Pisses On Trump's Big Macs One More Time On His Way Out The Door. Meh, he still gave him just about everything he ever wanted.

3. Trump Brings Tantrum To Supreme Court. Merry Christmas, Justice Barrett! LOL.

2. Trump Hates Mike Pence And Trump Hates Mitch McConnell And Trump Hates Mike Pompeo And Trump Hates. Trump hates.

1. Uh Oh, Daddy Might 'Forget' To Pardon Ivanka After What She Just Said! He won't.

And there you have it, a Christmas week Top 10 as chosen by a troupe of elves and also a unicorn and a dinosaur were there.

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Now you may have this video, I love it, my daughter is so weird.

Now I have to see what "news" happened yesterday and then write it! SO RUDE. Okay bye.

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