Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Baby It's Cold Outside!

Weekly Top Ten

Tallulah and Donna Rose in deepest winter (October in Montana)

Would you like to build a snowman? That is a song from the Disney film "Two Sisters Who Could Have Avoided The Entire Thing If They Just Said What Was Up With Them But At Least It Had A Good Message Of Hot Dudes Suck." We are just hanging out here in the awesome Montana winter that has settled in early for its annual seven-month reign and we couldn't be happier. Let's do some top 10 stories, chosen this week by lesbian princesses!

10. No Collusion! No Collusion! You Are The Laughably Obvious Collusion With Russia To Ratf*ck Another Election! Yeah, that didn't work out for them.

9. Kamala Harris, It Is Your Birthday! It was her birthday!

8. When Is The Debate Tonight? Where Can You Watch The Debate? WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY? This was "Dok write something in 15 minutes for end of day!

7. An Anti-Choice Lady Made A Sitcom And It Is Like A D&C For Your Brain. This was WHOOO BOY.

6. TFW Even Fox News Won't Swallow Your Senile Russian Disinfo Bullsh*t. But then it did. It has literally done 25 hours of Hunter Biden's laptop in the last what, nine days?

5. Trump Definitely Announcing Not-Dead JFK Jr. As His Running Mate Today, Say QAnon Followers. Did he do it? I bet he did and I just didn't hear.

4. Four More Senate Races That Might Not Be Nail-Biters. Or they might! Who could say, not us!

3. Rudy Giuliani, PUT DOWN YOUR CHRAM! Eh, I watched the new Borat and believe it or not I think he got ... how you say ... boned.

2. Cover Your Eyes! And Your Ears! Just Watch The Trump Biden Debate Through This Here Liveblog! That was me. I'm still mad I had to do it.

1. We Are Worried Lindsey Graham Still Doesn't Understand How Much We Hate Him. He keeps SAYING he knows we hate him, but does he truly understand? This was a perfect post, you should read it again.

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Now you may have some more babby pix.

Tallulah loves the dress, she just loves making funny faces more.

Donna Rose and Tallulah MONSTER FINGERS

We love you, the end.

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