Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is Hungry Like A Wolf!

Weekly Top Ten


Come in, come in, sit down, show me your cat, pour yourself a drink, let's talk about gardening. Or you can do all those things AFTER you read your weekly top 10 Wonkette stories as chosen this week by oh, just some pirates.

10. Laura Ingraham So Mad Joe Biden Won't Even Let Trump Be Dictator-For-Life :( She was all like "OH YOU WOULD BRING IN THE ARMY JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS HE'S NOT LEAVING?" and she was super DUPER pissed!

9. Fox's Newest Sexual Harassment Suit Somehow Even Worse Than You Thought. Liz left out the really awful stuff; she linked to it if you like awful. (How awful was it? Oh fuck.)

8. Florida Cooked The COVID-19 Books, Now State Is Up In Flames. "Embers." "With painters rags."

7. Trump Won't Name Forts We Won 'Beautiful World Wars' With After Al Sharpton. Is it weird that Trump's brain went to "Al Sharpton" when Army says it doesn't want to honor Confederate traitor men any more?

6. Wow, It's Almost As If Joni Ernst Is A Hypocrite Or Something! Pssst, guess what? Not just a hypocrite! She is asshole!

5. Nice Things And Good Trouble. Deep sigh.

4. Biden And Pelosi Kindly Inform Trump His Ass Will Be Leaving White House January 20, One Way Or Another! Nobody tell Laura Ingraham, oh whoops someone did.

3. Which Is Scarier? People Believing In QAnon, Or People Pretending To Believe In Order To Look 'Cool'? I don't like any of it!

2. Why Hasn't President Joe Biden Prevented This Non-Existent Ban On Communion In Toronto Churches? This one was funny. We should just only write about Laura Ingraham, who is stupid and she sucks.

1. Poll Porn: GOP Plan To Win Suburbs By Pissing Off Suburban Women Is Going GREAT. TO POOP ON!

And there you have your weekly top 10 Wonkette stories as chosen this week by oh, just some pirates.

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