My, my, my, Corona!

Hey! Remember me, pendejos? Although I'm officially retired from this socialist rag… I mean, beacon of light and hope for all who struggle in the darkness of Trumplandia, I wanted to come back and give you my pithy thoughts on this little nasty virus boppin' about the land and when we could expect some relief.

First we'll tell you a bit about the little we know about the virus, then a primer on how vaccines are developed, approved and distributed, and finally a summary of what is actually being done by whom regarding vaccines and also, importantly, treatments. The Orange Idiot, of course, can't be expected to know the difference between a vaccine and therapeutic, so please, somebody print this out in crayon font and slip him a copy. But before we get to all that, please, please:

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Court Kicks PragerU's 'Free Speech' Lawsuit Right In The Dick

How many times do we have to tell you, Dennis? First Amendment doesn't apply to companies!

Pour one out for Dennis Prager, and Devin Nunes, and his lawyer Steven Biss, and Sean Hannity, and all the other vexatious litigants who think they're going to use the First Amendment to sue American companies into becoming part of the conservative noise machine. The Ninth Circuit just benchslapped the shit out of PragerU's moronic lawsuit against YouTube, through its parent company Google. (You remember PragerU, yes? Wingnut idiot Dennis Prager's fake college?) Or, more accurately, they benchslapped the shit out of Prager's hatemongering sleaze machine AGAIN, since US District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California already told them to get bent two years ago.

Yesterday's decision described the plaintiff thusly:

PragerU is a nonprofit educational and media organization with a mission to "provide conservative viewpoints and perspective on public issues that it believes are often overlooked." PragerU does not confer certificates or degrees. Instead, the organization creates short videos for high-school, college, and graduate school-age audiences and shares them on the Internet.

That is an extraordinarily charitable characterization. We at Wonkette might instead refer to them as shit-peddling, immigrant-bashing, grifters of the highest order. Which is why we wrote such articles as "Dennis Prager Feels Like The Left's N-Word Because He Can't Just Say ... You Know," "Dennis Prager Will Not Be Bullied By Anne Frank," and "Dennis Prager: A Lying Liar Telling Lies About Yr Wonkette". We report, you decide, as Dennis's pals might say.

In the original complaint filed by Prager University (the scare quotes are implied), these First Amendment warriors bitched about brutal censorship by the evil Google overlords.

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Did Trump Commute Rod Blagojevich's Sentence For CRIME Reasons Or For DUMBASS Reasons? Yes.

The real truth comes out.

President TyrantStupid is saying the quiet part loud again:

Let's piece this apart.

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No, Wonkette's Not Giving Larry Klayman $75,000, LARRY.

As a wise woman once said (it was me!) GO SUE SOMEONE ELSE.

Larry Klayman, he's this lawyer. As he explains in his lawsuit against me, your editrix, personally, he is a very famous man, a public figure even, and I, your editrix, have committed defamation most foul by saying he seemed, based on (not his first) bar disciplinary proceedings, not to be a very good lawyer. He also seemed, based on his saying Obama administration employees were Barack's "white slaves," and based on his suing Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan, and Black Lives Matter, for "starting a race war," to be some flavor of white supremacist. He also seemed, based on those disciplinary proceedings, to have sexually harassed a woman. (I said "harassed," but Larry Klayman, in his lawsuit against me, added [sexually] before harassed in the excerpt from my story, because he is so "honest.")

Also, I let Jamie laugh at him some. And she DID say "sexually" harassed, which I wouldn't have said because it was romantic harassment (and definitely stalking), but she's the First Amendment attorney, not me, so I let it ride. Shall we read some lawsuit, like I read all 185 pages including the footnotes of his HARROWING DC bar disciplinary report, together?

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