Monday White House Press Briefing, You Watch Right Now

Live on WonkTV.

Just like every day, except on days there isn't a White House press briefing!

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It's Psaki Ptime Again!

Congratulations, US Olympians! No spoilers!

It's time again for your daily installment of "What Dumb Shit Will Peter Doocy Say Today," featuring White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki brooking no idiocy, as usual. No, we kid, Doocy isn't even the third or fourth banana in the Jen Psaki Show. Enjoy your WonkTV!

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[Photo: Michel Curi (cropped) Creative Commons License 2.0]


Hey Watch This! It's A White House Press Briefing!

Live on WonkTV!

You watching?

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Fauci's In The Senate Today, And He Brought Purell

You want your WonkTV.

Seems important with all the exploding coronavirus cases right now and the Delta variant and whatnot. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is also testifying.

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