Won't Some Brown People Help This GOP Candidate By Bombing South Dakota? (Please Don't Do That)

Dude is pretty nasty

A GOP candidate for the solitary US Congressional seat in South Dakota seems to be hoping against hope that an act of terrorism will help prop up his prospects. Rather than do the normal thing like making it into a song (“Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran” has a catchy beat!), or praying his horrifying desires to sweet Baby Jesus, Neal Tapio decided to say this shit out loud. And it was caught on tape.

In the recordings obtained by Huffington Post, Tapio discusses how acts of terrorism will help boost his numbers, and help him race ahead of the competition:

I can start in a little town like Aberdeen outside of the media glare. I can move it to Watertown, practice a little more, and then by the time I get to Sioux Falls, I will have said this thousands of times. And then Dusty is just going to be so far behind, that they won’t even realize we are running for the same race. And then all that has to happen is that there will be one more terrorist attack between now and then and I will be the, just by the Trump effect, I will be the candidate. That’s the way I look at it.

Oh, look how clever he is, everybody!! He has his speechifying all written up and prepared so that he can use bloody violence to politicize terrorism for his own personal gain. He is like the Devil with a Mount Trumpmore T-shirt stall. While it might seem like a fine idea to use terrorism to try to become “the” candidate, it’s a really really bad idea to get caught on tape discussing the devious details. Using terrorism as a game plan to get the voters on your side with practiced rhetoric is actually fucking disgusting and entirely evil. We hope you fail miserably and suffer harsh things!

This is not the first time Tapio has faced questions about his dreams of terrorism coattails driving his campaign to victory. KELO, a newsradio station, first reported on these recordings and Tapio responded in a lengthy Facebook post on April 7.

Tapio clearly denies he was advocating for terrorism, which is fine, because that was never the accusation. He was accused of saying it would help his campaign against Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and businessman Dusty Johnson, but, especially Dusty. The primary is June 5, so, it makes sense that he feels the need to deny his own words mean what they mean when said in that order.

To suggest I am advocating for a terror attack is a disgusting smear and you should be ashamed of yourself. Anyone that would even suggest that is a vile and disgusting individual not worthy of being taken seriously. I would caution you that questions like that prove that you do not take journalism or this issue seriously. You risk linking your left wing background as a former Democrat political operative with gotcha hit piece political journalism that people see right through.

Apparently Tapio forgot that we can actually hear him on the recordings seriously discussing how helpful terrorism would be to his chances.

Let’s review:

And then all that has to happen is that there will be one more terrorist attack between now and then and I will be the, just by the Trump effect, I will be the candidate.

It’s pretty clear what he was not just hinting at, but boldly stating. Terrorism will cause a “Trump Effect” and he will be the “candidate.” It might be time for Tapio to review what words actually mean, because “disgusting smear” would imply that lies were told and we see no lies going on. Except from Tapio. Because he is a liar.

[KELO / HuffPo]

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