Words of So Hateful Tone: 'You Talking About Kill and Insults?'


There's nothing quite like finding a bizarre, illiterate comment in the moderation queue and having no idea what it's referencing. In many ways, this is the greatest part of being a Wonkette editor: being pummeled by random waves of anonymous insanity, wondering if these people live nearby, or if they've figured out where Washington is, in relation to the Rite-Aid where they pick up their insulin and oxycontin. Today's winner, for example, would like to lecture Wonkette on the topic of "you talking that he's to start something and you talking about kill and insults,?"

Apparently in response to this Wonkwire news brief about a Texan candidate for Congress who plans to violently destroy America after he loses next week, we offer you this modern-day take on "Song of Myself" + Common Sense × The Bible/Gun Mart:

What insurrection you talking about? you talking that he's to start something and you talking about kill and insults,? what make you think that you are better than anyone else, when your words are of so hateful tone? You guys are the one's, this Republic should be concern about it, as it's not hate what is coming from his mouth, hear him many times, but about the love for the Republic that all of you seems not to share.

Remember the Constitution? Maybe you should read it to understand the words that he express, it's under the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the right of the people to abolish any such government who empower themselves to be a tyrannical government, IT'S THE LAW OF THE LAND... read, maybe you learn something.

UPDATE: This person left another absurd comment about the same post! Is this a kind of Arabic?

You people talk about being smart, but don't even take the time to find who this man is, and the entire content of his words, just because some un-honest blogger tells you part of it, you should think and use your brain and search about who this person is. If I go by just your words, I will said that even if you believe to do for your Country, you are nothing but a bunch of unhappy people that has nothing better to do that trashing those that at least are fighting for your rights to said stupid comments, and other freedoms. I know Pastor Broden, he's a decent man, who believe like many in this Country that the rights and freedoms of the people has been tramped. You're so blind and so into a party, that you're about to believe anything a blogger said out of own agendas, some how I guess he has to eat, but he well do it by in honest work, not by trash someone that he wish to be. You guys are the shame of this Republic. Do you don't understand that you have been play? it's more important to you a party system than your own Country? like the sheep, who eat grass with out been able to do anything else, most of you talk, hate and be unhappy while other things can be done, not just for your Country, but for your own self. Have the decency to make comments by knowing who you make the comments about, a very decent human being, who care for nothing less nothing more, than the rights of everyone, freedom and liberty something that Americans are loosing because they decide to follow bigotry and lies... keep it up, you will be the first one to fall.!

To the blogger, at least be honest, I don't care what site you're, if you write something do it out honesty, not hate... your words are the one's that induce for revolt and unrest... choose them wise with out implicate someone else on your own agenda.

By the way, in Texas people have pride because it's it's own Republic, the only State with the rights others don't have, and if were not because Texas, today the Union will not be what it's. Read your history, maybe you learn something.


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