Words That Say Mery Crismass From Ur Gal Me Sarah Palim

Words That Say Mery Crismass From Ur Gal Me Sarah Palim

Hey besties,

Wow, it's Crissmass again! So fun, espcially here in AK (that's alaskan for Alaska) where Santa Klaze has his summer home and its so dark in winter, it makes me sad but then I go Tanning and it helps a lot, and I look tan then too which also is helps ya know.

The hole Palin clam is just doing so great, Todd has been working on his Snowmachine for it seems like a week and try and make it fly in the air like a fake bird, that's what he said at lease but I think he just likes to whack on it with a hamer and smell how it smells, the grease fums. Barstow is working hard at her stuff, Willy is cooking a jello, Gakk is playing with his foot, And all the rest of them are also too.

Oh my Gosh, Did you get that email from Ted Cruze earlier about how kids are getting exacuted and put in shalow graves when they say Mery Chrissmass in Common Core schoolmarms? I just said GOSH I knew this presinet was a evil communiset but it is whores then I thought!

Don't worry about him though our founder fathers gave us a way to fix these kinds of userpings and blood treasons and that way is in the Constitution and it is guns. Of course I Do Not think anybody should shoot him or his beatufyl family but maybe just show him the guns and he will say GOSH I should not being doing all this treasons. Then he will go back to chacago with Ram Animal and Al Capon and leave us be anymore!

That is my Ckrismass dream anyhow, do you think it will come true? It will.

Oh last thing you know all those things I do for Liberty are not cheap and I need money because I do a lot of liberty but I also need shoes. Crkhismaas is the time we give money and I want some, so can I?

Thank you Crismans,



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