Working Weekend

  • John McCain says Barack Obama isn't just the presumptive Democratic nominee; he's also the presumptuous Democratic nominee. [The Hill]
  • The biggest threat to John McCain's candidacy isn't his war or immigration stances, or even a gifted opponent. It's the economy. [Politico]
  • Trust in government waxes and wanes, as does the desire to regulate, and America is in the midst of a revolt against the deregulation trend that started with Reagan. [Wall Street Journal]
  • John McCain is going to attempt to step on some of Barack Obama's news coverage by announcing his own running mate (MITT ROMNEY) soon. [Washington Post]
  • Europeans like Barack Obama in theory, but may like him less in practice. [New York Times]
  • Henry Paulson, reluctant interventionist Treasury secretary. [Los Angeles Times]

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