World Actually Ending; Poor, Minorities Hardest Hit

Four riders were approaching, the wind began to howl - WonketteTerror attacks continue around the United States and the whole world, mostly involving Natural Gas killing everybody. Here's what the Main Stream Media won't tell you! (Actually, they did tell you, but not in a single hysterical bullet-point list like the one that follows.)

* Rio Rancho, New Mexico: Massive gas-line break, evacuations.

* Rochester, New York: Multiple broken water mains flood city.

* Nashville, Tennessee: Gas line busted, roads closed.

* Blue Springs, Missouri: Whole town evacuated due to gas leak.

* Oxnard, California: They shut down the 101 freeway because of busted natural gas lines.

* London, England: Gas leak closes tube station!

* Hyderabad, Pakistan: Two brothers killed by gas leak.

* East Java, Indonesia: Gas drilling causes unstoppable mud volcano, no way to stop it, thousands running for their lives.

* Fremantle, Australia: Gas leak at a Woolworth's poisons 12 people.

* The New York Times acknowledges the world is ending.


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