World Bank Board Will Look Into It, Stop Bothering Them

The Executive Directors of the World Bank still show no inclination to ask for Paul Wolfowitz's retirement. Their quick-and-dirty release of documents today looks a bit like damage control (or at least an attempt to get Bank employees to shut the hell up), and they offer this explanation for Shaha Riza's special treatment.

At the request of the Executive Directors, the President sought guidance from the Ethics Committee. The guidance given on an informal basis was that the employee should be re-located to a position beyond potential supervising influence by the President or assigned to external service and compensated for the potential disruption to her career by an in situ promotion as consistent with the practice of the Bank, and that the President, with the General Counsel, should communicate this advice to the Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, and the Vice President, Human Resources, so as to implement it with immediate effect.

Of course, after this "informal advice" was given, Shoeless Paul sent a memo to HR requesting that they give his special lady the transfer and raise -- without actually getting the approval or even formally consulting the Ethics Committee.

The Executive Directors promise to "move expeditiously to reach a conclusion" on how exactly to not fire Wolfowitz without keeping this in the news for another two weeks.

Statement - Executive Directors Review Report, Release Documents [World Bank]


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