World Forever Changed by Idiots Owning Consumer Electronics

In the ancient Dark Ages of the 1990s, the only way idiot voters could ask presidential candidates vapid pre-approved questions was by showing up at some televised "town hall meeting" or whatever -- a process that at least required a shower, putting on some clean clothes and physically going to the location of the forum.

All that's in the past now, thanks to the miracle of YouTube. Fat Americans can now just look dumbly at their computer's video camera and jabber whatever inane bullshit that comes to mind, and then a gay CIA agent at CNN might pick their video question and use it for "laughs" at tonight's Democrat debate in South Carolina. The whole process doesn't even require the citizen to put on pants or briefly stop eating snack cakes.

"The debate could help alter the traditional format and give computer-literate ordinary citizens and the new media a bigger role in political discourse," the Hollywood Reporter says today. Sadly, no similar developments are in the works for people who are simply literate.

Such is our era of pathetically reduced expectations. A political revolution need no longer be anything dramatic like a revolutionary war or the public execution of royalty -- a blurry retard asking "the president" about where Mexicans come from is good enough for 2007.

YouTube, CNN change debate rules [Hollywood Reporter]


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