wtf.jpgPhoto credit: NYT via AP via Canadian Press

Once we saw the above picture in the Times, we knew we had on our hands a motherlode of hilariously awkward Presidential photos. The wires did not disappoint. After the jump, join us in a moving pictorial tribute to President Bush's awesome Vietnam adventure.

72601694.jpgPresident Bush is strangely uncomfortable in his dress, but still able to hit his mark. [Photo: Getty via AFP]

72601814.jpgPresident Bush demonstrates "goosing" as Chiense President Hu Jintao vows not to stand in front of him. [Getty via AFP]

72601913.jpg"Whoops! Sorry, Hu!" [Getty via AFP]

AP06111904569.jpgThough everyone was thinking it, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is the first to ask aloud if traditional Vietnamese dress makes her ass look big. [Photo: AP]

becauseweloveyou.jpgThe Pholyphonic Spree will not be back for an encore. [Getty via AFP] US President George W. Bush and Peruvian Vice President Luis Giampietri share an apartment -- and a wardrobe -- without driving each other crazy? (click to enlarge!) [Photo: Getty via AFP]

72606362.jpgMeanwhile, the First Lady eats the brown acid. [Getty via AFP]


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