World Spared Horror of Bush & Blair Dancing In Their Underwear

Dumb hippies. - WonketteEuropeans can't get enough of stupid puppet shows or billboards portraying Bush and Blair as sex weirdos sodomizing each other with Queen Elizabeth's bones, but an Italian opera company has finally shown some restraint.

A new version of Leonard Bernstein's Candide not only had a bunch of dumb new dialogue, but also featured a big dance number with all these ballet dudes hopping around in their underwear and rubber masks of different world leaders: Bush, Blair, Putin, Chirac, etc. Sounds like a great way to ruin a nice opera everybody used to like!

A La Scala opera spokesman said that "rather than being close to the original, [it] is based on it to create a peculiar work.''

Opera that depicts Bush, Blair dancing in underwear is canceled [AP]


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