World War III Proceeding Apace

map.jpg15 members of the British navy are still being held by Iran, who says they'd encroached (500 yards) into Iranian waters. Britain, meanwhile, has a series of very detailed charts that suggest otherwise. Accordingly, the UK will "freeze all bilateral business with Iran."

Let's see how far this one escalates! While last year's Israel vs. Hezbollah skirmish seemed like a good bet for the start of the new generation-long conflict among multiple nations, it eventually fizzled out, this one has a pleasingly War of 1812-meets-300 quality that could very well lead to a terribly exciting and drawn-out conflict.

Over in Iran, they've decided to release the lady they captured this week some time. The guys, though, will remain until someone mysteriously sinks a US ship, bombs an embassy, or burns down a government building. Then we all get to buy war bonds again and Captain America will come back to life to punch out the Shah!

Iran 'to Release UK Sailer Soon' [CNN]


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