Worldy Fun, Moms and Sweet Deals -- Take That, Recession!

Worldy Fun, Moms and Sweet Deals -- Take That, Recession!

World Cocktail Week: In this city you don’t need an excuse to drink ... ever, really. But for those who like to have a reason to get inebriated (helps you fall asleep? totally understandable), it’s World Cocktail Week. According to the Museum of the American Cocktail (note to self: must go there), the Week was established to “promote a better understanding, appreciation, and respect for the cocktail and its history.” If you’re eager to learn what exactly it means to “respect a cocktail,” Proof, Bar Pilar, Sonoma, Sova, and Gibson are all offering specialty cocktails as part of the celebration.

  • Saturday, May 9 and Sunday, May 10: We’re a week behind on this, but we still feel obliged to promote the opening of farmers markets all around DC. There may be like .25 seconds of sun this weekend, but it's just enough time to pick up some asparagus and apples, and enjoy tons of free samples -- the essence of the farmers market.  Markets are now open in Mt. Pleasant and Dupont, at 14 and U, and on H Street NE.
  • Sunday, May 10: In celebration of Mothers' Day, tell you mother you love her. Buy her flowers, take her out to breakfast, insist that yes, sure, you will eventually go back to grad school, solve world hunger, and do everything else that your sister already has already done. The Washingtonian has a comprehensive guide to Mothers' Day brunch spots. If your mom doesn't live in DC, you're not off the hook. Send a card or at least a photo of you eating in her honor.
  • Monday Deals: Both Caribou Coffee and Gifford’s Ice Cream recognize that Mondays exist only to bring us one step closer to the weekend. To make getting through the day that much easier, on Monday’s Caribou Coffee offers a medium coffee for only $1 and Gifford's famous sundaes are only $3.
  • Food to Look Forward to: Pitango Gelato, an organic, preservative free, fat free, swine-flu free, puppy loving, and yuppie approved gelato store is coming to 15 and P (directly across from the Whole Foods). Should be opening just in time for summer, whenever it decides to actually show up.

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