Would Barry Accept Possible Back Room 'Deal' Over Florida and Michigan Delegates?

The Florida Democratic party has issued a draft memo for a possible mail-in do-over primary vote that will likely never happen, because it costs money. It would also require effort, and everyone in Florida is a retired police officer. Who wants to piece that half-baked bastardization of Democracy together? The various alligators? No, no one wants this... this... "mail-in" faux primary. Fortunately the Democratic party "elders" may be cooking up something that requires no effort and everyone would accept, but maybe not Barack Obama.

According to everyone's favorite Mark Halperin at Time, the preliminary details are like so:

  • Michigan's 156 delegates would be split 50-50 between Clinton and Obama.
  • Florida's existing delegates would be seated at the Denver convention--but with half a vote each. That would give Clinton a net gain of about 19 elected delegates.
  • The two states' superdelegates would then be able to vote in Denver, likely netting Clinton a few more delegates.

Hillary'd probably be down, the DNC too because it would finally bring this PR disaster to a half-fitting end. But is Barack Obama going to like that little Florida part? Just accept it, Barry. Even if something like this happened, and Clinton picked up 15-30 delegates in Pennsylvania, he'd still be well ahead in the pledged delegates and, very likely, the popular vote. And states. Really, most things. Just let her have it. God forbid we have to hear you whine in a press conference again.

Details of a possible delegate plan under discussion [The Page]


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