Would You Buy a Gibson Doubleneck Guitar From This Man?

jeff zeleny.jpgBy day, Jeff Zeleny is the wunderkind of the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau. By night, Zeleny is... running a flourishing business selling stuff on eBay?

Via The Note -- see, we do read it! -- check out this eBay member profile for "jeffzeleny." Purchasers praise him as an "Awesome Ebayer!!" with "Great Communication!" But would we expect anything less from a "rising star" of the Washington press corps?

You can imagine our excitement when we saw this eBay profile. Alas, closer inspection revealed some disappointing information. The items being sold by "jeffzeleny" originate out of Littleton, Colorado. And they're all guitars -- which definitely rules out the Tribune's Zeleny, who's not exactly a headbanger.

But we hear that if you're in the market for some secondhand Thomas Pink shirts, the exceptionally well-dressed Zeleny may be your man.

Member Profile: jeffzeleny [eBay via The Note]


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