Would You Like An Arson Charge With Your Delinquent Payment Notice, Sir?

  • The British government now has an ownership stake in many of its largest banks, just like the US government will soon own most American banks. Huzzah for free markets! [Guardian]
  • If you were asked, "Which New York Times columnist is most likely to win the Nobel Prize?" you would probably answer, "Maureen Dowd, for Comedy!" but no, it is Paul Krugman, for Economics. [Bloomberg]
  • Senator Hillary Clinton -- remember her? -- says Barack Obama is handling the economic crisis well, and that she's still a little sad she isn't the nominee. [AP]
  • Widesweeping international measures to thaw frozen credit markets appear to be working today, insofar as stocks are up in Asia and Europe this morning. (By 4pm Eastern the Dow will crash another 600 points.) [AP]
  • Dudes can't afford their car payments anymore, so they are just cold settin' their Jettas on fire. [Washington Post]
  • The power-sharing agreement in Zimbabwe is going to hell in a handbasket as Robert Mugabe wants to assign members of his party to various key ministries. [Voice of America]

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