Would You Like to Meet My Press?

Tim Russert's been tweaking Colin Powell aide Emily Miller for weeks over her attempt last month to forcibly end Russert's interview with the secretary. This is probably fair: As far as we know, the only people in town who don't think Miller screwed up are the members of the Jordanian tourism council, who appreciated the shot of blue skies and palm trees.

Lloyd Grove reports that Russert is now making nice with Miller. An NBC News spokeswoman told him that after Sunday's show, Russert and Miller shared a conciliatory hug -- though Grove hears that Miller's "facial expression during the Russert squeeze was that of a brave young woman grimly determined to do her job."

If she thinks a hug is bad, we suggest she refuse his invitation to "meet 'Big Russ.'"

Tim still 'Press'-ing gripe [NYDN]


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