"Wouldn't This Be a Great World If Insecurity And Desperation Made Us More Attractive?"

Joe Scarborough, trying very hard:

Well, Michael, we have invited you to visit SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY this week.  We invited you earlier this month.  And we are waiting for your reply.  I want you to come on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY.  I will meet you any time, anyplace, anywhere, one hour.  We will go straight through.  We will talk about “Fahrenheit 9/11,” the claims you are making about that, the claims you are making about George Bush, the claims you are making about Iraq, the claims you are making about the bin Laden family. 

Heck, we‘ll even talk about the claims that you made in your last movie.  Whatever you want to do.  You name the time, the place.  We will be there.  I will bring Mike along.  He will have the camera.  Whatever you want, wherever you want, we will be there. 

Someone really needs to give Joe a copy of "The Rules" for talk show hosts. He's just barely stopped short of offering up his first born child and/or free donuts (and you know which one would put the deal over the top for Michael). We heard he was going to go with "Give us Michael Moore or God will call us home," but Tina Brown already tried that and had to settle for Toure.

'Scarborough Country' for June 21 [MSNBC via Cablenewser]

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