WP Book Critic Gives Jessica Cutler Two Thumbs...Up

Yesterday, book critic Jonathan Yardley discussed his review of "The Washingtonienne" on WashingtonPost.com, reiterating his Pulitzer Prize-winning stamp of approval on the saucy tome, which he lauded as "lively, funny and agreeably in-your-face." (It's in-your-something, that's for sure!) From the chat, book jacket blurbs we'd like to see:

To be perfectly honest I can't remember the title of the last DC sex scandal book I read. . . I have no idea who actually wrote it. There is at least the outside possibility that Jennifer Cutler did.
To be fair, Yardley got through "Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close" without even thinking twice about Jacob Sackman Foer and there wasn't half as much ass-fucking to distract him.

Former Hill Aide Is Back With Sexy Tome [WashingtonPost.com]

UPDATE: Yes, yes, he corrects himself. We apologize to Mr. Yardbloom.


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