WP Not Sure How Much You Should be Panicking Right Now

Pills and DNA will rally the market! - WonketteIt's nice of the Washington Post to, directly under their article insisting that Fed chief Ben Bernanke calmed Wall Street (subhead: "Bernanke Upbeat As Stocks Rebound"), link to the Milbank column that points out how Ben Bernanke didn't really say much of anything. Saves us the trouble.

"Some also have been pointing to a concern about subprime lending," Ryan continued.

"We don't see it as being a broad financial concern."

The wires rushed out bulletins:

"Fed Economic View Unfazed by Stocks Drop"

"Wall St Rebounds as Bernanke Calms Nerves"

The requisite calming accomplished, Bernanke relaxed, stretching out his legs under the witness table.

We would've grabbed the requisite ironic screenshot but before we could the headline changed to "STOCKS RESUME THEIR PLUNGE."

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