WP Reporter Defends Upperclass Twitism

In a Washingtonpost.com chat celebrity disaster chronicler Michael Dobbs answered important questions about his coverage of the tsunami in Asia. Most important:

Washington, D.C.: I appreciate that the tsunami came as quite a shock to your vacationing family! Do you feel your account is more than just slightly insipid given the vast amount of poverty just outside the gates of your private island?

Of course, the answer that question is simply "yes." But Dobbs couldn't leave it at that. As a service to our readers, we've unscrambled his prose.

Dobbs saysDobbs means
You are right in pointing to the huge contrast between our experiences and the experiences of many other people, including most of the local population.I am ignoring your question.
Like many natural disasters, this one took the biggest toll on the weakest and poorest sectors of the community, particularly children and women.Or so I've heard.
In today's article and one I wrote on the day of the tsunami, however, I tried to describe what it was like to experience the tsunami from the vantage point of one middle-class American family. I believe that your average American family owns its own island. I am a complete fuckwad.
I and other Post reporters have done our best to describe the experiences of those who were less fortunate. We did have to eat Stilton without spoons, you know.

Tsunami: First Person [WP]

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