Oh, Hackman, he's great in everything. - WonketteIs NASA trying to cause as many terrible space disasters as they can? First, we learned NASA is letting all the astronauts drunk-drive whenever they feel like it. An independent panel found at least two occasions on which space adventurers were allowed to fly despite being totally wasted. The panel was convened after crazy astronaut Lisa Nowak drove to Orlando in space-diapers to kill her astronaut boyfriend's girlfriend. Which is crazier, yes, but somehow it makes a little more sense than letting space jockeys throw back a few space-cocktails before getting behind the throttle of their Space Shuttles. Now comes this confusing outrage.

Apparently, a space-subcontractor cut some important space-wires on a space-computer that was headed for the international space station. No one is really sure why.

The computer was set to be taken on Endeavour and then up to the ISS in less than two weeks. A NASA spokesman claimed the damage would not have posed any danger to the shuttle or astronauts but everyone who's watched Lost in Space knows different. The mysterious, fey, robot-hating mad scientist sneaking around Cape Canaveral could not be reached for comment.


Report: Drunk Astronauts Allowed on Shuttle [CNN]

NASA Reports Sabotage of Flight Computer [AP]


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