WTF? Obama Attacking Gore, Kerry, Concepts of Liberalism

the hillary monster makes me hate global warmingszObama's trying to close the deal on Hillary in Iowa by... being like Hillary (conservative!) and/or an idiot. He went on Iowa's newfangled technological communication device, the "radio," and argued that Hillary Clinton's plan for requiring health care mandates is just some libbral scheme to take your money. Hey now, that's not the cute Obama boy from Kenya we all know! And he also committed the ultimate Demrat sin: criticized Al Gore, the current president of earth, for being too divisive when he ran in 2000. He said the same thing about John Kerry, too, which might not be the most accurate criticism of the man, but it's a criticism, so we'll just agree. Anyway, here are some links to the usual silly weird blogs that like to flip a manic shit over stuff like this. [Crooks & Liars, Kos, TalkLeft]


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