Wyoming, Meet Your New Senator ... Lynne Cheney!

It is your destiny ... - WonketteThe Cheneys and the Clintons are so much alike, it's crazy. Just like Bill Clinton was president and then Hillary Clinton became a senator, now Lynne Cheney is going to be appointed senator while her husband is president. It's crazy, the way these things happen.

According to MSNBC, Wyoming's GOP will pick three potentials to replace that guy who died, and then Wyoming's Democrat governor is forced to choose one of them as the new senator until the special election -- yes, apparently we still have elections, too, sometimes. And that very governor, Dave Freudenthal, is likely to be the Democrat candidate in the special election. So Dave just has to pick the most hated person out of the three, and that's who he gets to run against in 2008.

This is also sort of like when Caligula appointed his horse to the Senate.

Will Freudenthal Look Ahead To '08? [MSNBC First Read]


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