Yahoo Will Forget Everything It Once Knew About You

  • The whole "cadre of Iraqis arrested in Baath Party revival plot" story was sort of scary until we found out that the plotters were mostly traffic department employees. [AP]
  • Since Cerberus didn't manage to recoup its entire investment in Chrysler through a US government bailout, they're now more willing to entertain merger talks with GM. However, as a wise man once said, "Take two rocks, tie 'em together, and throw 'em in a lake. You think they sink any slower?" (Assume both rocks are spherical and this is a frictionless lake.) [CNN Money]
  • Yahoo's new privacy poll means that the company will start deleting your searches for "Dick Cheney XXX meat diaper sex" after 90 days instead of 13 months. [New York Times]
  • The shoes that were once so memorably hurled at Barack Obama by a brave Iraqi journalist have been destroyed, by haters. [AFP]
  • New York voters favor either Andrew Cuomo or Caroline Kennedy to fill Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, because they have never heard of a politician who wasn't named Cuomo, Kennedy, or Clinton. [Business First of Buffalo]
  • Pervy cardboard cutout-groper Jon Favreau works in Starbucks while he writes Barack Obama's inaugural address. [Washington Post]

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