Yay, Bush To Be Impeached ... By Republicans

While the spineless Democratic Majority won't impeach Bush because it would hurt his widdle feelings or whatever, Republican congressmen are ready to sack up and start the proceedings.

California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is "hinting that he would consider pressing for impeachment," according to McClatchy Newspapers reporter Dave Montgomery. Why? Because Bush loves Mexico and hates America -- he won't pardon two U.S. border patrol agents now serving federal prison sentences for killing shooting an unarmed Mexican drug smuggler in the ass, on the Texas border.

Always plotting against us ... - Wonkette

Rohrabacher and fellow House nuts Tom Tancredo, Walter Jones, Duncan Hunter and Michael McCaul have all had it with Bush and his Mexican-coddling ways. That Bush is going to Mexico for a lovefest with the Mexicans next month only proves his hatred for conservative Americans.

GOP Rep. warns Bush if border patrol agents die in prison 'there's going to be some kind of impeachment talk' [Raw Story]


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