Yeah She's a Beautiful Loser

* "It was worth the trip to "Delaware's Largest Thrift Store" just for the perfectly broken-in brown leather shoulderbag I found for $3.99; the store is large and clean and what it lacks in shoes and jewelry (I recognized a few pairs from LAST summer, and the accessories section seems to have disappeared), it more than makes up for in tops, dresses, and nightgowns perfect for wearing in place of dresses." [Brightest Young Things]

* Nobody really gives a fuck about the iPhone in Washington. [DCist]

* "The Rat Killing Hawk of Red Cross Square" strikes, raining rodent body parts throughout the streets. [Herb of DC]

* "Seared sea scallops, garlic mashed potatoes and chardonnay sauce at Corduroy (bonus with buffalo mozzarella porcupine appetizer)." [metrocurean]


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