Eric And Lara Trump Have Thoughts About Biden’s ‘Insulting,’ ‘Discriminatory’ VP Pick

2020 presidential election

Kamala Harris is an unqualified hit as Joe Biden's running mate. According to a Washington Post poll, 54 percent of all Americans approve of Harris's selection as the next vice president, and only 29 percent disapprove. She has 86 percent support from Democrats, and 52 percent of independents dig her. Even one out of four Republicans approve of her.

The Trump campaign is likely concerned about these numbers, especially the staff members who can count. However, the current Trump plan is to whine about how Harris is a Black woman, which is brand new information and a serious injustice somehow.

Lara Trump, the woman who willingly married the president's second failed attempt at producing a son, was a guest on Jeanine Pirro's show Saturday. (Judge Jeanine struggled to pronounce the name “Kamala," as though it's more complicated linguistically than "Brian Kilmeade" or “Jeanine Pirro.") Lara Trump accused Biden of discriminating against all those qualified white men out there when he specifically decided to balance his ticket with someone who represents more than half of the nation.

LARA TRUMP: I for one was insulted when Joe Biden came out and said, “Guess what, it's gonna be a woman" ... Let's not worry about qualifications. Let's not worry about what they bring to the table.

It's not as if Biden chose a member of his own family. Trump is the one who staffs his administration with a nepotistic collection of morons. Maybe Biden shouldn't have declared in advance that his running mate would be a woman. He should've just done it, as a given, like how Republicans have always chosen white men or Sarah Palin. We're supposed to believe that Dan Quayle and Mike Pence were better qualified than any Republican woman at the time, including those in comas? Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke could've been the only white men under consideration, as an inverse of how companies treat minorities during a “fully transparent" hiring process so they don't look racist. But that's just dishonest bullshit.

Lara Trump claimed that Biden “pandered" to women voters with an obvious “identity politics" choice. This is annoying because Republicans are obsessed with white Christian “identity," and the Trump campaign specifically is about how everyone who's not in that demo is an existential threat to the flag, suburban housewives, and puppies.

LARA TRUMP: It didn't even matter who [Joe Biden's running mate was] because women were already insulted.

Fifty-six percent of women support Harris as vice president. A Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump with a piddly-ass four point lead over Biden among men, but the former vice president is crushing President Pussy Grabber with women 57 percent to 36 percent. The Trump campaign isn't going to turn this around with the absurd claim that it's insulting to deliberately choose a woman as your running mate.

During an appearance Saturday on the "Fox News Rundown Extra," Lara Trump's husband, Eric, insisted that choosing Harris was “very discriminatory" against all the other ethnic groups that Republicans ignore. Eric Trump claimed he was at a state GOP event and a Hispanic woman complained to him about Biden's bigotry.

ERIC TRUMP: There was an amazing Hispanic woman who came up to me and she said, "You know, I'm deeply offended. Why could I not have been in contention? Why was it only African-American females that were in contention? What about, you know, Hispanic Americans? I mean, what about -- what about me?'"

There weren't “only" Black women in contention. Biden considered women of all races, which according to conservatives themselves would include Harris because she's not 100 percent Black. Also, it's unlikely Biden was going to consider anyone — man, woman, person or TV — who was schmoozing with Eric Trump at a Republican event.

ERIC TRUMP: [Biden] really discriminated against other minority groups who have wonderful people, who have incredibly capable people that had lots of amazing options. He boxed himself in, but in doing so, he actually discriminated against amazing, amazing people. And, you know, I think at some point he has to answer for that.

Yeah, Biden doesn't have to answer for not choosing a Hispanic vice president. Trump was the first president in almost 40 years not to have an Hispanic person in his cabinet. The Republican Party in general should answer for its pasty-ass white dudes in leadership.

The Trump campaign will learn in November how women and minorities treat people who really do “insult" us.

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