Yeah, Well, We're Still Going To Kill You

* The reason why Iran has to be working on a nuclear weapon is because we wish they were. [Think Progress]

* Bush's opinion on Iran hasn't changed, and that's why 65% of America thinks he's an idiot. [Raw Story]

* And this whole thing is full of cherry picked intelligence, like the fact that that whole nuke shutdown thing isn't totally ignored. [Redstate]

* We stand in awe of a certain someone's ability to make a play on words. [Michelle Malkin]

* Mitt Romney still has a month to lose to Huckabee in a number of different races. [Political Wire]

* Illinois women have had all the Barry Obama they can handle. [Swamp]

* Because CAIR is creepy, the lawsuits they bring are totally invalid and Michael Savage is an American hero. [WorldNet Daily]


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