Year of the Woman Continues, In Oklahoma, Because of Two Women

  • The year of endless primaries also became the Year of the Woman again last night, in Oklahoma, where Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Democratic Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins won their respective races and will face each other in the gubernatorial general. Askins just barely beat state Attorney General Drew Edmondson -- by less than 1% of the vote -- because this was not the Year of the Man. This means Oklahoma will have its very first lady governor, assuming Fallin and Askins make it to the general election. (You know how women are always quitting things! Ha ha just kidding we are not misogynists, we were just thinking of America's Only Real Woman, 46-year-old idiot grandma Sarah Palin.) [Politico/Oklahoman]
  • Speaking of 2010 elections, which are fast approaching just like a terrible asteroid that will destroy all intelligent life on Earth, it turns out the Republicans would need to win 43 seats in the House to get a majority, and not the 39 or whatever you hear about all the time if you read the Politico. This apparently means the GOP would need to fight about 80 real races and it doesn't look like they even know how to do that, because they're too busy watching Breitbart's Blacks Gone Wild VHS Klan tapes from the Reconstruction era. [Charlie Cook]
  • A jetliner crash in Pakistan killed all 152 people aboard. It was traveling from Karachi to Islamabad. [BBC News]

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