Hurry And Fetch The Salts, Susan Collins Is Having A Spell Again!

Hurry And Fetch The Salts, Susan Collins Is Having A Spell Again!

Senator Susan Collins, the faux “moderate” fraud from Maine, lectured President Joe Biden Sunday about his pledge to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court. She stressed she’s not racist or anything. She told George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" that she’d “welcome a Black female to the Court,” which sounds like she’s shopping around for exhibits in her intergalactic zoo. No, Collins claims Biden “politicized” the process when he made his pledge as a candidate, which apparently caused everyone to notice that there were no Black women on the Supreme Court.

Stephanopoulos, who can afford a staff with access to Google, had reminded Collins that Ronald Reagan promised to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court (Sandra Day O’Connor) and Donald Trump boasted that he’d replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a grotesque, "Monkey’s Paw" mockery of everything she represented (Amy Coney Barrett). But Collins is smart, not dumb like you, so she understands that what a candidate says is political but everything a president says is just high-minded idealism.

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Of course, Ronald Reagan promised as a candidate in 1980 to nominate the “most qualified woman he could find.” In June 1981, early into Reagan’s destruction of the working class, one of his top advisers, Lyn Nofziger, wrote a memo advising the president to keep his promise because women are, like, half the population and should have representation on the Supreme Court ... ha, just joking, no: Nofziger believed it would prove politically advantageous. (Reagan had dominated Jimmy Carter among men but just broke even with him among women.)

I think it is imperative that you appoint a woman to the Supreme Court.

1. It means you will live up to a commitment you made and have that behind you.

2. It will go a long way towards solving the problem we have with the lack of women in this administration in high places.

Nofziger clearly considered Reagan's Supreme Court nominees an extension of his administration. Yes, the Supreme Court is technically a separate branch of government, but voters would still associate Reagan’s selection with his administration.

It’s just an absurd argument that the Supreme Court is somehow above politics and affirmatively nonpartisan. Judges don’t compete for vacancies during a special legal version of "Jeopardy!” A Democratic or Republican president selects a nominee with a record that any reasonable person can determine is either liberal or conservative. Republicans explicitly oppose nominees whose ruling might prove a surprise: “No New Souters” became a rightwing rallying cry after George H.W. Bush pick David Souter wound up reliably voting with the Court’s liberal wing.

Comedians and even journalists might credibly claim they are apolitical. Their livelihoods aren’t dependent on whoever’s in the White House or the Senate. Anyone with judicial aspirations definitely has a horse in each political race. Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch would have had every reason to root for Trump’s 2016 victory. They were not so naive as to think they were anywhere on Hillary Clinton’s short list. (There’s no evidence that judges “recuse” themselves from voting nor should they.)

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Gorsuch’s seat is stolen property. Mitch McConnell politicized the 2016 race when he blocked Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court. (This reportedly helped win over a significant number of Trump-skeptical Republicans.) Collins pulled her moderate three-card monte hustle and met with Garland, even calling for hearings, while McConnell confirmed just hours later: “It’s safe to say there will not be hearings or votes.”

Collins later voted to nuke the filibuster so Democrats couldn’t block Gorsuch or even moderate Trump’s first pick. This only helped make the confirmation process more political. Collins later show-voted against Barrett, perhaps to bolster her image as a moderate to Maine voters. She’s hardly one to talk about political maneuvering.

That’s our Supreme Court history lesson for today. Stay tuned for our next Susan Collins fraud alert.

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