Yes, Yes, But is There an Airport Sexytime Bogstall in My Area?


Some of us responded to the revelations of Larry Craig's tearoom festivities with righteous indignation; others, with gales of laughter and Youtube tributes. Still others, however, wanted to know where can I get me some of that? Find out how and read some tantalizing reviews of the hot, hot, hot action at our beloved Reagan National Airport after the jump...

Wonkette, of course, does not endorse performing illicit activities in public lavatories, but Wonkette isn't everybody, right? Take a trip, if you dare, to the delightfully-named (registration required) or (links are WAY NOT safe for work -- this is your warning!), the two most popular web guides to gay cruising, and find out where all the most noteworthy naughty places are in your neighborhood. It's fun! For instance: who knew Reagan National could be so damn sexy? Here are some comments from the above sites by fans of the bathrooms in terminal gates 32-45 near the baggage claim area in Terminal C:

The bathroom is large. There are four cubicles...the two with the hole in between are in the back. Was there today, waited for about thirty minutes, shot video for xtube of me jacking off...while I was cumming a guy came back there and pissed. It was hot. The holw [sic] is HUGE, definitely big enough for a suck. Spot is pretty secluded.

The restroom in baggage claim at the far end of C near gates 35-47 is the place to go! You don't need to clear TSA there and it is open to all the public. The two stalls in the back of the restroom are set together and the toilet paper flaps are both removed for a huge hole to j/o, watch, or suck through. It is a hot place. I have had a lot of cock here. I am going to be in this location this Saturday (march 7th) at 10:00am looking to play. Meet me there.

Will be there 6/30 (Sat.) around 9pm. Will be at the restroom in 32-45. Rub your mouth a little to give me a sign; i'll do the same. Must be quick!

I tried to go but I caouldnt [sic] see anything. How does this work.....would love to have some fun.

Ohhh, don't let that last guy be you! Don't forget: a well-prepared airport washroom Pig is a satisfied airport washroom pig.


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