Yogen Fruz: Final Proof That We’re All Socialists Now


yogenJust when you thought DC didn’t need another highly addictive, supposedly healthy frozen yogurt shop, Yogen Fruz went and opened a store on 14 and I, NW. Despite being, what, the fourth fro-yo (it’s what the cool kids call it) place to open in town in the last year or so, Yogen Fruz holds its own and actually adds some variety to the “eat all you want -- this shit's soooo healthy it will make you grow a third arm" phenomenon that is sweeping the District.

Yogen Fruz offers the tart style yogurt that we’ve come to love, but when it comes to the flavors, they actually blend the fruit with the yogurt. Stay with us here: there is no machine dispensing different flavors of yogurt; they blend the fruit with your choice of low fat vanilla, non fat vanilla, low fat chocolate or no-sugar-added vanilla yogurt. The result is a thicker yogurt with a strong fruit flavor, and the tartness magically VANISHES.

The yogurt isn’t made from a combination of powder, sugar, and lemon like it is at other DC yogurt places. It's real yogurt delivered from this special country called Canada. According to the owners, this means it's chock full of those healthy little bacteria called probiotics that have magical powers to heal your liver and massage your colon while simultaneously making your hair extra shiny, or something like that. It’s also on the cheap side: $2.50 for a small, plus .95 per topping.

Look forward to their big grand opening celebration in about a week or so. And perhaps other great Canadian innovations, like universal health care, or eternal winter, will soon be making their way to the District as well.

Yogen Fruz, 825 14 Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.

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