You Can Criticize Jenna's Dad, but Not While She's Spinning, Thank You

jenna.jpgWe are impressed not so much with this man's audacity as with his ability to give a "tirade" while leading a spin class.

A spin class instructor at The Sports Club/LA is apparently among the 57 percent of Americans who disapprove of President Bush's job performance. He could soon be among the 4.7 percent of Americans who are unemployed.

The instructor launched into a Bush-bashing tirade during Thursday's early morning spinning-and-sweating session. And it didn't go over so well with two of his pupils, whom he obviously had no idea were there: Jenna Bush and boyfriend Henry Hager.

"Obviously had no idea"? We're not so sure. Depends on how big the class was, of course, but we think we'd notice a First Daughter hanging around. Henry -- good sort, that one -- bitched out the club, and they assured Hank (we can call you Hank, can't we?) that, uh, it wouldn't happen again. But they didn't fire the instructor.

Considering that we've heard from Madeleine Albright's gym buddy recently, we figure one of you must work out at the Sports Club -- you wanna stop by Glenn's class and ask him if he knew who was in his audience? Alternatively, bring a camera crew and get all Barbara Harrison on Jenna and Hank.

Though it is possible that Glenn didn't know they were there: Jenna and Babs, just like real-life celebrities, employ pseudonyms when doing public stuff like working out, running marathons (which they did recently in Richmond as "Emily and Sarah Jackson of Arlington."), or drinking illegally (we miss those days, yes we do).

Update/Correction: Mary Ann Akers let us know that it was not, in fact, Jenna and Hank in Spin class (we were gonna say, we don't take Hank for a spin class kinda guy), but Jenna and Barbara. Which is totally funnier.

Riding Bush [Roll Call, sub. req'd.]


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