You Can Get Free Stuff Like Books At Libraries

  • Oh hooray people are going to their public libraries again, finally! But only because they need a warm place to look for a job. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Well huzzah, Barack Obama might use the last of the original bailout funds to help struggling homeowners -- which, historians will recall, was how this whole financial mess began. [ABC News]
  • Lots of people make the same tax mistake Tim Geithner made ... or so says the ultraliberal apologist paper of record. [New York Times]
  • Nobody cares about Osama bin Laden's latest doom-cave communiqué. [Reuters]
  • The Democrats' sexy new stimulus package is sure to revive our flaccid American economy. [Washington Post]
  • All the gays are going to have big gay parties to celebrate the inauguration of America's first gay President. [Fox News]

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