You Can't Figure Out the Bag I'm In

* "You used to be able to count the white folks you saw out there on one hand. Now, thanks to all the new luxury condos and trendy lounges popping up in the area, white people no longer have that healthy fear of DC." [Listen to Leon]

* More gentrification: "When I bought my first house near RFK Stadium in 2002, I knew that a young black couple rented it, but had moved out months before I bought it. I didn't force them out, did I?" [A Portable Snack]

* The things that you need in any town: "a good hairdresser, a good lawyer, and a good mechanic," especially after being hit by a trolley. [14th Street Girl]

* Another person in need of a good mechanic: "Dear Driver of the SUV or Truck that hit my car, Yes, that CRUNCH you heard when you backed up was the door of my car." [Sugar, Spice and Sometimes Nice]


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