You Could Maybe Make a Few Dollars Selling These Tasteful Obama Souvenirs


Hello, jobless hordes of the D.C. metropolitan area! Would you like to sell extremely unofficial Inaugural Postcards of our new Shark God, Mr. President Obama? Well good! First, of course, you will need to come up with the cash to buy these things, Wholesale, and then you will easily be able to sell them Retail for, uh, $2.75. Just two dollars and seventy-five cents, for a postcard with one of several weird designs.

Here's the Craigslist ad, spotted by longtime Wonkette Operative Charles Watson:

Obama Inaugural Postcards - Wholesalers Wanted (DC, Virginia, Maryland)

Reply to: [?]

Date: 2008-12-12, 11:56AM EST

Actively seeking wholesalers for a complete line of professionally designed Barack Obama Inaugural Postcards and Memorabilia. We will supply the high quality 12pt coated cards, many with foil stamping, along with a counter top display. Wholesale pricing is based upon the total quantity purchased. The cards retail for $2.75 ea. Call Rob at the number below or email me your contact info to I will send you a full color wholesale order guide along with an order form.

There is no way this system can fail. Just do whatever you can, get the money, somehow -- sell your mom's car? -- and buy all of these magical cards. Plus, they come with a free "counter stand," for your park bench.

Obama Inaugural Postcards [Craigslist]


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