You Fools! You Will Not Love Your Precious Wendy Davis Anymore Once You Find Out Her Terrible Secret!

You Fools! You Will Not Love Your Precious Wendy Davis Anymore Once You Find Out Her Terrible Secret!

Uh oh, you guys. A blogger has found out some REAL BAD SHIT about your precious "heroine" Wendy Davis. You are going to need to sit down when you realize what a terrible, evil faker the Texas state senator is. Fetch a cold compress, y'all, because we are sorry to have to tell you this, but WENDY DAVIS BLEACHED AND STRAIGHTENED HER HAIR. has the horrible proof: a picture from her Harvard days, where, actually, she looks a bit like Harvard (Yale?)-era Hillz!

But first, we must sit through endless pictures of Glenn Reynolds (RELEVANT) and Barack Obama (SLIGHTLY MORE RELEVANT?) to prove that most people look older when they are older than when they are younger. But Wendy Davis looks really good, even though she is a young woman of 50!

We hate to tell you this, but in addition to getting her hair did, it is POSSIBLE that Wendy Davis gets regular facials!


Blah blah blah, hortle flurble glarb:

Most people — at least those without a plastic surgeon on retainer — do not become more good looking as they age from their late 20s to their early 50s. Without extreme artificial intervention, even the luckiest among us — those blessed with good genes who exercise prudence toward their physical safety and health (for example, by avoiding guns and alcohol) — can at most aim to delay life’s inevitable physical decline, and come close to maintaining their good looks. Compare, for example, these “before” and “after” photos of law professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), currently age 52.

[Eh, we are not bothering to save pictures of Glenn Reynolds and reproduce them here for you. If you are dying to see what Glenn Reynolds has looked like over the decades, by all means, begin the knocking out of you. Also, you can go there to fap to hot pixxx of Young Bamz.]


Now consider Texas state Senator Wendy R. Davis, who has recently been in the news being touted (however dubiously) as the Left’s technologically enhanced “feminist superhero.” She is 50 years old. Yet, unlike Reynolds and Obama, but like Mac Davis, it appears she gets better looking each day. If she has not found the Fountain of Youth, at minimum she has found very talented plastic surgeons and image consultants who have readied her for her closeup.

Somehow, during the past two decades she has been transformed from a frumpy, pleasant looking but plain-faced, flat-chested brunette with thick, messy hair, into a buxom blonde with excellent facial features and sleek, long, perfectly coiffed hair, like she stepped straight out of Vogue.

For someone who in the early 1990s was a feminist activist in law school, and who is currently posing as a champion of women’s rights, standing up to men who seek to dictate the way women should live, she seems to have devoted an unusual amount of attention to her physical appearance.

You guys, it is true. Wendy Davis got her hair done. We think you will agree that this means she gets her feminist card revoked, just like Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem before her. STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR APPEARANCE, FEMINISTS! (Or you might "trick" young cadets into thinking you are not ugly!)

Don’t believe me — believe the photographic evidence. Senator Davis entered Harvard Law School in 1990 at age 27, the same age President Obama was when he entered (two years earlier). Here is her photo from the Spring, 1991 yearbook (the same volume in which President Obama’s “before” photos appeared):

Anyway, there is much more, about how Wendy Davis must have had SO MUCH plastic surgery in order to be really pretty now, along with many, many pictures of the lovely Davis, for a little wonking afternoon delight.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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