You Kick Me When I'm Down, That's Your Rule


  • Guess who showed up at the Dem Convention last night, after Biden's speech? (We told you he would be there.) [SF Gate]

  • By the way, there was some history made in Denver last night. Huzzah for Barry. [Newsday]
  • "Rove Tried To Kill Lieberman" .... Oh wait, "Rove Tried To Kill Lieberman VP Pick." [Politico]
  • But McCain just wants to pick some Abortionist as his vice president. [Washington Post]
  • Giant tech-savvy Afghanistan spider has somehow turned up in England and learned blogging skills. The terrified family "identified the spider using the internet." [BBC News]
  • Hurricane Gustav shouldn't hit New Orleans before Monday afternoon, leaving Ray Nagin plenty more time to party in Denver. []
  • Stevie Wonder needs to play this song, as the Rolling Stones played it, at Obama's stadium show. [YouTube]
  • Famous people, semi-famous people and indie-rock bands are all over Denver, "hoping" to get more press. [Denver Post]

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