• Ezra Klein interviews a friend who went to fancy Harvard and then spent some time making barrels of money at Goldman Sachs. Watch as Ezra gets the inside scoop with hard-hitting questions like, "You went to Harvard. Then what happened?" [Ezra Klein]

  • David Denby (lookalike?) is upset with Matt Yglesias and all his snarky partisan hate speech, because that snark stuff is mean and it's ruining Our Conversation. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Sarah Palin touches herself whenever she thinks about Glenn Beck's big, hard & throbbing chalkboard. [Think Progress]

  • Stephen Hawking wrote some calculus last night and concluded that when we do finally meet aliens they are going to slaughter the crap out of us and then silent-auction our organs on Craigslist, just like Christoper Columbus did with the Native Americans. [Daily Intel]

  • Who actually believes every dollar not spent on Predator Drones could be used to feed poor people? Because that is some serious horseradish: those dollars are already appropriated for government Death Ray programs. [Weekly Standard]


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