You Lose

* North Korea isn't building nuclear bombs this week. [NYT]

* With hard work, any American can become president of the United States. $200 million may also be helpful. [NYT, WP]

* No matter what it may cost to run for president, lying to voters about what your administration will cost them is still free. [NYT]

* One of those Republican guys dropped out. You know, the kind of nutty one who always talks about faith and giving the surge time to work. [Politico]

* Let's everybody keep voting on ceremonial resolutions so's we can keep this Iraq thing going forever. [Roll Call]

* Tim Russert just barely prevented Jim Webb from shooting Lindsey Graham. [The Hill]

* Coming soon to theaters everywhere, "The Two Americas," starring John Edwards. [Politico]

* Crazed, heavily-armed Mexicans are using our National Monuments to grow their intoxicating marihuana plant to sell to your children on their school trips. [WT]


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