You Make Some Good Points But Otherwise Shut It

* Newsflash: guy endorses Thompson. Newsflash: who gives a shit. [Michelle Malkin]

* We can name you some people that hate Christmas, are conspiracy theorists, and, puzzlingly, won a majority of votes in their given congressional districts. [Wizbang]

* Maybe, just maybe, and, look, this isn't proven or anything, but it's possible that Karl Rove was running elections from the White House. [Raw Story]

* A Mosque on a tax-supported campus prints literature saying whatever it wants! [WorldNet Daily]

* We didn't realize what fanatics we were until we read some of this bullshit and agreed, only in reverse. [Carpetbagger Report]

* Hey, the world is going to suck next year and Hillary's going to take the rap! [Reality-Based Community]

* You know what works for hymen restoration? Abstinence. [Hot Air]

* Massive spending is bad for taxpayers when the end result of that spending isn't buildings blowing up somewhere in Baghdad. [Redstate]


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